A Critical Story

My goodness, I really took a long time for further writings in my blog, I was busy with my placements held in college. Are you asking me Have I got placed? I would say that “Very soon” 🙂
Finally i came up with a story which is a helpful real story which I can share.
I like to start the story with the clear statement of what it is and I like to avoid mystery.
This is the story of how I tackled the situation when a fly which entered my ear and reached my ear drums, finally came out after 40 minutes of different activities at my home. The fly is actually about 3mm thick, and would exactly fit ears along with its wings. Many of you can ask, was I careless in letting that in? The position on which the fly landed my ear is exactly in the inner ear so I was unable to do defense in a flash.
It was a saturday night (17th november,2012) Time:11:30pm.
I was lying in bed with sleep, suddenly this incident happened.
I approached to my dad in the very second and asked for helping me with taking that fly out. Since as i said earlier, the fly reached my eardrums it was unviewable in torch light for my dad.
The fly is actually 3mm thick in body and it along with wings is perfect to reach the eardrums all in a flash.
Impossiblities of the entered fly:
1) It cannot turn left or right.
2) It cannot fly backwards or smart enough to move backwards.
The buzz sound rung inside my ears for the first continuous 10 minutes and then after that it became periodical time. My dad was eventually asking me to pour enough amount of water inside my ear so it can die easily and come out. Since it reached my eardrums the water took much time to reach and in the meantime its not just pouring just water inside, I also needed to deal with the buzzing sound of the fly which irritates my ears and causes head vibrations like an electric shock provided to me. Finally after plenty of time dealing with water, the fly reached half of the distance and finally it came to view in torch light. Finally my dad took the fly out with cotton buds when it came to view. The event liked to give me facts to people with regard to what must be done when this has happened.
The following are the facts when it comes to fly when is enough large got stucked to the extent of ears drums:
1) We definitely needed a second person to help us.
2) Don’t panic if there is no second person.
3) Pour enough amount of water into the ears until you feel the buzzing sound stop permanently and it was proved to be dead. Finally after death, it will reach a distance of our eardrum path.
4) If it didn’t die even after many attempts don’t panic, go for an ENT doctor to remove the stuff. But you definitely needed another person as driver if you are reaching an hospital by vehicle since a sudden buzz of the fly can cause us head vibrations which can be accident prone.
I am glad that I have shared to information to enough number of people.


My first day of internet browsing:

It was a Sunday and I remember that and there is a point to note that I can use internet only when my dad is not present because he desired that he  have more pay large telephone bills since we were having dial up connection at that point of time.Here comes the story of the first day of my internet. I was sitting in-front of the PC aimless what shall I do with internet.

I was greatly interested in tweaking Windows XP with control panel,  and many other various settings. In many occasions there are many places where you can be dragged to a browser. When there was no internet installed in my home . Internet explorer will says “You are currently offline“. I analyzed that stuff in the internet in my first visit. And what I did was checking more themes online stuff if the Themes category of Windows XP. Sweet memories to remember. It was in the time period of January 2006.

Why not dreams as Greetings to people

Its been extremely long time again without blogging regularly. Well guys every time its always the reason for my busy college life. It is now a fresh concept which I like to share with the readers now.. 🙂

The concept which I am going to describe is about dreams.



Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood, though they have been a topic of interest or unlikeness throughout recorded known facts or fictions. Dream, a play with our sub consciousness which produce unpredictable results of a particular random pattern, with a specific formula.
Formula??? You might ask that why can it called a “formula…”
In a dream we automatically have gravitational power in the place if we dream about living over the land. Likewise we are automatic in making inbuilt properties and its functions naturally or visible to our senses.
And every time when we are in a dream, we start only in the middle of it, we never knew where It started how we started.. 🙂
OK, I accept that the last line is a copy from the movie “Inception” To make the content interesting I need to.. 🙂

Firstly l like to describe the characters whom took part in the dream

To describe about me you will knew some content of it when you read the content at the end.

My College senior:
He is a peculiar professional person whom we can expect less commercialism and follows the concept of chivalry and decency to the best level he could ever do the maximum.
Due to some personal reasons I didn’t use his name in this post.

Fictional Characters:
Charlie: Computer expert and jogging friend.
MAN “XXX” : Unnamed person – A mentally retarded person.

The dream is a control beyond my senses and under the subconsciousness and when I got consciousness the dream blasted away… This is what happened to me.


Environment of the dream:
The dream was held in a place where the roads are super modern but with medieval palaces all around with the sight of buildings of medieval England. Where there are super modern neat roads are laid but only transport such as Horse-cart and very old cars.
The story started with my memory when I am speaking to Charlie when I am jogging in the road. Mild sunlight and cool climate in the place where there was peaceful silence.
After we spoke for some time he quited the place going for another place. (Look, I am speaking to a person unknown as if He was very many days bond with me… There lies the sensationalism of dream 🙂 )

Then I came to meet a character whom I knew in real world, Thats my college senior in a horse-cart whom I joined in a ride to a particular place. He was a passed out college senior and we had many days without meeting each other. So I was greeting him and speaking about his life. And in the mean time the cart was moving and we were having our journey.

We then discussed about the friends we have in that place, Yes in that fictional place.. I was describing about Charlie and He was describing about a man whom he knew was a mentally retarded person and
He started defining the identity of the person who actually resembles plenty of characteristics of a character in the animated show “TINTIN”. That was the unnamed person whom I stated before, He was stating, He always wore a black hat and only black dress and with squit in one eye. He speaked that the man is a mentally retarded person and with his friendship he Is doing his best for his recovery from idleness.

In the mean time a person was overtaking in a car suddenly when both of us turned to the person we found that the identity of the person whom he was describing came in front of our eyes. He was watching my college senior and saying “Hi! Bravo” and my college senior also greeted Hi!. He was calling his name as “Bravo” which is not.
Then after we finished our journey in the cart I was asking he just recognize you but not even able to tell your exact name, Then How could you cure him
Then He said “I knew that, But somehow I will help him and I have hope”
We then speaked for some minutes and said bye and moved in opposite directions.
Then, I was thinking “Hey Wait a minute then why cant he help Lakshmipathy”
You may ask who is “Lakshmipathy”. He is a kind of sluggish person(Middle aged person) whom my college senior was having contact and quited relationship due to crazy sluggishness. There comes the thoughts of real world properties. After which I turned back in the dream to meet my college senior and say why cant he help “Lakshmipathy”.
Then everything burst-ed like “The dream bursting scene of Inception ”
And I was surprised finally I turned to my consciousness to see that everything was just dream….. 🙂

One day I was saying this dream to my college senior, He was amazed and said Wow good imagination…:-) I was actually expecting an answer from him.
Which we finally listed out that is “Myself and My College Senior” actually interchanged our personalities……… 🙂
We were having smiles all night during mobile phone chat. . It evolved to be a good greeting to a person whom I contact after a long time after getting out of sight ….. 🙂
We basically speak much more when we see a person after a long time but when there is plenty of ample time to chat . . .Things like this can be a greeting… 🙂
A interesting dream is just free story which our mind provides…. To also use that dream in this kind is a unique greeting…. 🙂