The story behind the first subject I flunked in school

It was in the year 2002 when I was doing my Sixth standard.

Flunking in subjects may occur when:

  • We didn’t have any brush up with our studies or
  • Didn’t prepare for exam entirely.

I had the first reason for the subject, I flunked.

The subject for the first reason is: History

It is always a happy moment for everybody to share to others about the stories of the past to various people, this is the normal nature of a human being if you are such a kind of person congrats you are mentally normal. 🙂

The exam in which I flunked is called as Mid-term examination. Every academic year in my school consists of 3 terms and for each term there are two exams.

After a day of an exam, It was a festive day in my school and we had an announcement that tomorrow’s exam will be postponed on Monday. I thought that the exams were moved one by one to the next day.

I wont speak much about studies in schooling. Actually, schooling is an age where we must gain lots of friends and make unforgettable memories. The friends whom you have at school and college were the most comfortable friends to whom you can share anything very well, No friends will be as more than them in the field of being comfort in speech. Mostly we boys at that age talk about video games. 🙂

On the morning of the day of History exam, the previous day I prepared for Hindi exam. I always go to school with my buddy; his name is Nagarjun with whom I will come to school via auto-rickshaw. On that day morning Nagarjun’s mom dialed my home and asked about information about something from my Mom. Then the following conversation was held.. 🙂

Nagarjun’s Mom:  So, how your son prepared for today’s history exam.

My Mom: History exam? But it is Hindi exam today.

I was shocked after I heard that from my Mom.

Then I started crying. J It is so common for a 10 year old boy to cry for these sudden panic surprises. 🙂 🙂

Then I dialed to another of my buddy to confirm that whether it is true or not. I heard the sound of the breaking glass when I knew that it was true. “Tisheeeeeeee”  🙂

The second friend whom I dialed will reach school very soon before me. His name is Ajeesh. He said the news to everybody of my friends. All my freinds in class said, cool down give it a try.  I then wrote the exam, Finally at the result I secured 16.5/50. FAILED!!

The Result

The Result

This was my first exam I wrote which finally resulted in failure.

And presently a happy moment of past which I shared with you now.  🙂


My English vocabulary was such worse and highly grammatical errors…today when we think about the past we can have smile-ful moments.

This was written in by me in Complan Cricket champ guide when I was 9 years old and in the year 2001.

At that point of time:

*)I don’t watch cricket

*)I Liked Sachin Tendulkar

I wrote the following text with the English which I knew at that point of time.


My favourite cricketer is my Sachin Tendulkar. He has 9 fours and 7 sixes in one day. His runs are more than one thousand and he is the best Indian famous cricketer so He is famous than other indian cricketer so he is the famous indian cricketer in the whole world. So he is my favourite cricketer

Words Misunderstood:

Many of the jokes in my life involves my voice:

Words Misunderstood:

I was doing my twelfth standard. One day I was absent for the school just only for the reason that exams starts from Monday………it was a Saturday and I was absent just to enjoy couple of days and with a small hours of entertainment with my computer. The portions for our academics were finished by all the teachers and it was their time to kill our time of studies with class tests in the time we were thinking about studying some others subjects.
It was the exam day(Monday) and all the students who were absent that day were suspected and kept to stand in front of the principal room for the first 10 minutes of the exam time…..and we were waiting for the principal to arrive in her room. After she spent sometime with the staffs one of the teacher who as regarded as female gangster of the teachers in our school. she was having a soft corner for me during that time(only during that time). All of us were called inside and asked to stand showing all our faces to her(principal). During that time she was also entering the room and we were suspected for simply taking leave. The gangster teacher was our English teacher and also regarded as the next principal. After seeing me the gangster teacher was sending everybody asking for reasons and I was the last student to say the reason……….I SAID: I started late during that day and so I couldn’t attend the school(showing my puzzled face)
The Gangster teacher said to the principal that  “I was having headache” actually the word I spelled “I started late” which was misunderstood as “HEADACHE”. and we were asked to leave the room and attend the exam….problem solved……I learnt a confirmatory test that my voice is so mild and puzzling.