Curved Phones Concept

I actually didn’t know the purpose of mobile phones to be with curved screens. But to be frank when I was thinking about this, I did came up with a particular thing which most of the internet sites until today what I seen with my eyes never told. Samsung with a small video clip told its personal opinion about curved screens.

Providing notifications

Providing notifications

Do you think the curved screens are basically created for making the consumer’s face feel easy with the size of the mobile phone with the shape of facial muscles? That’s was I felt with the thoughts I had in my mind. Have your thought anything different?

If Yes, What is it? 🙂


Ubuntu Linux – Happy using it

It’s been a long time with out blogging, about a month. For the past one month I was having a great time experimenting with Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Jaunty Jacklope, Yes it’s an older version which I was having for years but started using it only now when found using it very enthusiastic to try what a free OS actually has.

It is very cool to use, freeware and these kinds of OS in web. These kinds of activities by programming enthusiasts are always necessary for bringing innovations in software to all the home. With the latest release of Linux 11.04 natty Narhwal this year I downloaded the tweaked version by a fan from web and not from the official website, Finally I found it to be unstable. So I firstly recommend people to download any software from the official website, In the latest news in software some people inject malicious codes in the popular VLC Media Player and made available across web, the VLC Team officially announced to download their free media player from their official website. Then, I quitted using the Ubuntu version 11.04 which was damaged or tweaked or unstable. Presently I switched back to the old version of Ubuntu Linux version 9.04. And I found many things in web which makes the OS worth the use with fulfilling all the handicapped features which is necessary for normal usage. Now, I am having a great time using Dual OS, Windows along with Ubuntu…. 🙂

Ubuntu Linux

`Ubuntu Linux