Draw My Thing- My favorite facebook game

I am not so much a gamer with my Personal Computer and I also didn’t felt interest in gaming extremely enchanting till this date 09th of May month 2011. Gaming is a short time entertainment I had with my computer.

I have been in facebook for across a year exactly and my favourite activity in facebook is wall posting.
Today I happened to play or help my sister to play an online facebook game.
I found it so enchanting to play with. It was actually an appreciate sort of game because it really tunes our mind. This game really is an appreciate sort of thing. If I like to suggest any game in facebook, I will suggest this game. 🙂

Games like this are really appreciable 🙂

Today for a change I played a game in facebook after feeling my sister’s game play enchanting 🙂

The name of the game is “Draw My Thing”

I declare it now itself guys. 🙂
This is my first favourite game in facebook and this is my all time favourite game in facebook too.

🙂 Thanks for the Facebook team and its creators 🙂