About Windows 8

Its been officially the chat across the web that Windows 8 is a great flop. Not just the windows OS of PCs but also the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 Phone also shattered in their race in bringing new technology.

 It’s already the world dominated by Android and Open source environment when it comes to mobile sector and Tablet sector. Windows has great lack of applications either it be Windows OS for Computers or Phones. And, the craziest thing I heard when I heard about Windows 8 is Bluetooth sharing is possible only with Windows devices with regard to windows phones. This concept is just the copy what Apple was making with their iPhones.

 This is just making alienization of devices. There is no necessity for copying this concept from Apple which was actually no longer an advantage for them too. In a world where equality is attained by people by their doings and capability now, this concept of working in operating system is aimed by Microsoft and Apple is been brought only for making ethnic barriers. Even a person who is doing a small job with is document editor or whatever software they use, Its unfortunately cannot be shared with people who belonged to Android devices. It is a well known fact with most internet users that each day 1 million users are activating android devices. And, I am very soon going to become a member of that large database with my new Samsung Tablet. People in the world always wish only to be in the larger community market and that’s the thing they missed focusing with joining hands with fellows.

 My country is India and when it comes to smart phones, the cheapest android smartphone which is sold roughly around just Rs.3600(1$ = 54 ruppes) by Lava Iris and on the either side Samsung Galaxy S4(Which is roughly Rs.35000). So, the android gives a chance for each and every consumer of their different circles of budget. There lies the greatest difference between them.


A Critical Story

My goodness, I really took a long time for further writings in my blog, I was busy with my placements held in college. Are you asking me Have I got placed? I would say that “Very soon” 🙂
Finally i came up with a story which is a helpful real story which I can share.
I like to start the story with the clear statement of what it is and I like to avoid mystery.
This is the story of how I tackled the situation when a fly which entered my ear and reached my ear drums, finally came out after 40 minutes of different activities at my home. The fly is actually about 3mm thick, and would exactly fit ears along with its wings. Many of you can ask, was I careless in letting that in? The position on which the fly landed my ear is exactly in the inner ear so I was unable to do defense in a flash.
It was a saturday night (17th november,2012) Time:11:30pm.
I was lying in bed with sleep, suddenly this incident happened.
I approached to my dad in the very second and asked for helping me with taking that fly out. Since as i said earlier, the fly reached my eardrums it was unviewable in torch light for my dad.
The fly is actually 3mm thick in body and it along with wings is perfect to reach the eardrums all in a flash.
Impossiblities of the entered fly:
1) It cannot turn left or right.
2) It cannot fly backwards or smart enough to move backwards.
The buzz sound rung inside my ears for the first continuous 10 minutes and then after that it became periodical time. My dad was eventually asking me to pour enough amount of water inside my ear so it can die easily and come out. Since it reached my eardrums the water took much time to reach and in the meantime its not just pouring just water inside, I also needed to deal with the buzzing sound of the fly which irritates my ears and causes head vibrations like an electric shock provided to me. Finally after plenty of time dealing with water, the fly reached half of the distance and finally it came to view in torch light. Finally my dad took the fly out with cotton buds when it came to view. The event liked to give me facts to people with regard to what must be done when this has happened.
The following are the facts when it comes to fly when is enough large got stucked to the extent of ears drums:
1) We definitely needed a second person to help us.
2) Don’t panic if there is no second person.
3) Pour enough amount of water into the ears until you feel the buzzing sound stop permanently and it was proved to be dead. Finally after death, it will reach a distance of our eardrum path.
4) If it didn’t die even after many attempts don’t panic, go for an ENT doctor to remove the stuff. But you definitely needed another person as driver if you are reaching an hospital by vehicle since a sudden buzz of the fly can cause us head vibrations which can be accident prone.
I am glad that I have shared to information to enough number of people.

Cartoon Channel

                In my childhood days. Until 1999, we were having black and white television at our home. At that point of time I was not watching cartoons shows since that channel won’t be coming on our cable TV due to the reason that the number of channels is just 30.

                My grand parents during those days were staying in a separate home at my father’s hometown. During that time, we will eventually visit their home when we have occasion. It was also an extra happiness that at their home it was colour TV present along with Cartoon Channel.

                My favorite cartoon show is Tom and Jerry and I knew each and every person in the world have heard about its popularity…:-)

                In India, there is one channel which was particularly popular “CARTOON NETWORK”.

Finally during the year of 2000 when I was doing my fourth standard, at my age of 9, my father bought a colour Television for our home. I started watching Cartoons happily at my home in that specific channel…:-)

More on Mobile Phones

Cell phone, cell phones, cell phones recently I blog most about this tiny device. J

About 6 months ago my friend bought a great smart phone from Samsung for about approximately price of 10000 rupees (approximately 200$). Its Samsung galaxy but I am not highly sure about the type of galaxy phone he bought. Here is the fact, very few days ago his battery of the smart phone starts bulging and finally it s been bulged to the extent of the battery cannot fit inside the mobile phone itself.

The fact was mobile battery of him is no more of use since it intakes a charge only for about 10 minutes and then battery pisses off.

The reason behind these kinds of fault is definitely due to overcharging of battery.

There is my point. In India mobile phones have been greatly reached throughout the nation.

Internet has not been in the nation to a great level but it will show a great increase in the percentage of people who use internet in the future.

At the present time period about 10% of Indians use Internet. Smart phone users greatly use mobile for social networking and emailing. A recent survey show great results about that more percentage of Indians use smart phones for Internet access to things like social networking sites and emailing than Americans. It’s the percentage of people among the people who have bought Smartphone, apart from that there are only less number of users in India.

I like to give this info, I am not so sure that mobile battery has expiry date or something like that but, It is too common in places in the roadside even in my city, I am from Coimbatore (Southern Part of India) and many cities where one could see Nokia batteries sold like balloons for children. I will update the picture of this info later. These batteries are sold from dealers at cheaper rates and these salesmen will sell the goods for only the original rate for making profit. Its kindly.

Last but not the least mobile phone is very good to be chosen only from good branded industry which has good name. Rather those don’t go for buying cheaper phones.

There is a particular standard where a mobile phone can be called as “Green Phone” where the mobile is safer to use from radiations which are released from it. In this particular case, some mobile phones which have facility to use more than two mobile simcards are likely to be avoided.

There is no developed country preferring the toy mobiles of more simcard mobiles since it. Only for this reason people are asked to buy genuine products from reputed companies.

My Final Year Project

Finally I became a final year student in my graduation of Electronics and communication engineering. This is the year where I need to submit the abstract for the project which I need to device with the my dept (Electronics and communication) engineering concepts and create abstract for the present semester, Followed by moving on and working with it in the next semester. First step is choosing the area of interest unfortunately my area of interest is software programming. Hence I am interested in the programming part of the device I made and succeed. You may question me why I took Electronics, when I have Interest in software programming. But I need to say that I was pushed, but I was not guilty because I have chance to get software job. In the time period of when I finished my higher secondary school graduation it was 2009. That was the year when there was a huge crisis across the globe in the field of software. Hence the surrounding people around made impact on my choice of choosing the department for my college. I will now proceed with getting good job in Software Company after my graduation. So that’s not a great issue to be spoken about and also I didn’t say that I hate Electronics and communication Engineering.

The project:

So, at the present time when I am typing this post, I AM in the process of development a concept in embedded systems. The concept is about a mobile phone and computer interfacing device which is used for making users type faster in computer using T9 language support of mobile with computer for word processing. The question you might probably ask, why we need to substitute keypads mobile phones for typing. The question is too simple to explain. In India basically not only people from rural but also from urban cities people doesn’t get aware about new technologies which are available in the present world like Iphone,Ipad,etc. Cost is the first factor. Due to this reason people are unaware about many things with the usage of the hardware. But somehow today, Cell phones have reached the major population of the country.

People who knews English have great easiness in using the T9 Support of mobile phones for typing messages(SMS). On the other hand many people didn’t get easiness in typing in the keyboard. For this reason my concept of making the mobile phone and computer interfacing. This could be useful for slow keyboard strokers.

The first advantage which I also like to put in front is the recycling of Old keypad mobile phones which has support for T9 languages.

I have already stated in one of my previous posts in my blog – One of my post regarding Ewaste control which involves a technique of recycling of old mobile phones. In that post I have already quoted yet I need to state the same fact here.

Only 10% of the mobile phones which are abandoned by first hand person are received or reused by the second person after abandoning.  The rest are simply “Electronic Waste”.

This is the concept which I use in my project that lies under my project. My staff in charge of my batch need to approve it for my proceedings. Lets see what happens.

I will also blog about what has happened inside the review of my project to the staff in charge. Until then, Wait for that readers. Thanks for reading.🙂

Typing in Keyboard

I have been using my computer for the past eight years and. I like to quote about the fact that Blogging has definitely increased my typing speed . But let me tell u one thing, I am an aspiring Geek person. I mean it’s my ultimate passion in life to be a Geek. What computer geek have the skill is to type the text in the computer without looking at the keyboard which I am not doing. I have a decent typing speed to my satisfaction. But if a person being a Geek doesn’t knew to type in keyboard without looking at it, It doesn’t makes sense. So, I recently started using Typing tutor applications freely available web a. Its more like using the either hand for me for the normal person. I felt like using my left hand for doing normal work (I am right-handed person).

So, it’s also a necessary for a person who is aspiring to be a geek to have the skill of typing in the keyboard without looking at it. I am on the way in the path of necessity and it is the sense. 🙂

About Free Online Storages

Google Drive was really useful. I was able to save many old files which I was thinking to take a backup. I was having about 700MB of data from old CD which consists of some free arcade games, joke applications and some little boy stuffs which I using in 2005 at my young age of non-internet guy. Now I saved it in the drive for precious memories of past.

SkyDrive of Microsoft offers 7GB online storage for hotmail users. This is a fair aspect for more space. Hotmail users are blessed with this particular aspect. I am not a hotmail user. I will quote the hotmail users with describing SkyDrive as “Newborn baby born with a silver ring” for that 7GB storage.

UbuntuOne is another online storage service provided by Ubuntu. I am a fan of Ubuntu operating system. I created an account in UbuntuOne a month and some days. What I landed was with some disadvantages. Firstly no multiple files can be uploaded in drag and drop, Probably since I didn’t used the software of UbuntuOne that was a reason I found out. For one particular reason, I was unfortunately disliking UbuntuOne(I am really sad to say this, Since I am a fan of Ubuntu OS) for one reason specifically.

I was unable to delete my user account in that. Let me explain about that, Take Gmail, Facebook or whatever as example, when we search the instruction of how to delete the Gmail account or Facebook account in a particular search engine. The first link which is found in the search engines results provides the desired solution for us. Take this particular thing for UbuntuOne. The things which I found in web were there was no easy way to delete the user account of UbuntuOne, we need to play hide and seek to find. And I found no best answer in web to do this successfully. A person in web can delete his or her account even for a security reason, these are also certain customer satisfaction which need to be.

Telling the negative critics is the necessity of a fan for anything for the improvement and fulfillment of the active relationship of bonding. I am a fan of Ubuntu OS, I was mesmerized with the User interface and that invited me for trying out or figuring out what’s peculiar here . But I landed in this “state of life with this”. I just shared this information to you readers. 🙂

The New Toss

Tossing a coin is a common way of selecting a decision in the time period where we are confused in choosing a decision from two things. It is a widely used criterion which has many applications in real world starting from the sacred game of the Indian country “Cricket Toss” to many things. It’s been a year; I never tossed a coin for choosing a decision. Rather I use the cell phone. You might ask Cell phone? For tossing purpose? Yes. Basically I don’t watch time in mobile phone. I often watch time only in clocks or in my wrist watch. I use the last letter of the minute of the digital time of the cell phone for choosing decisions. For Odd it’s a particular decision for even it’s the either one. This is my new toss technique. May sounds silly But, I do this in a artistic way of new life. 🙂


VLC Media Player

This is the sensational application which made all open source software companies to appreciate for the kindly help they done to the computers. The media player which has icon in the form of a joker hat has made the entire software world to claps hands for the creditability and user-friendliness making it to reach to almost all PCs. All media players just envy the list of file formats it supports, More than everything it also supports discs images. This is a good initiative of sensational application which has its own merit. Thanks a lot for the creators. We are really benefited by using it.. 🙂


In everybody’s computer the control panel of the operating system will show only this. Categorized under “FREQUENTLY USED

A diet which helped me

A diet was beneficial for me in two things:

This is my first post in my blog regarding a health issue which I faced and leaded that and I am willing to tell a fact which I personally felt positive and advantageous. Firstly I like to quote that I am a vegetarian. I never ate any animal flesh until this time. In my religion (of my community) they follow vegetarianism. Finally after many years Egg was included as vegetarian in my country and it’s been projected through advertisements for its high protein content and many beneficial factors.

I was having hair fall earlier in my life but I didn’t had time to go and visit places and consult a hair specialists but rather I searched web and gathered what various people stated about hair fall. The basic necessity for hair fall control is to include proper high protein in our food. Basically non-vegetarians foods have plenty of protein but I being a vegetarian couldn’t wish to eat. I started eating eggs after some particular point of time. I felt 3 advantages:

As expected Hair fall gets reduced linearly and now I am happy to say that I have no hair fall. Proteins are necessary for hair density and strength.

When I started including egg in my diet. Firstly I felt the “hot balls” which are produced due to hot climate are neutralized by proteins which are present in the egg. These proteins act as neutralizing agents of unnecessary “hot balls” formed on the skin surface due to hot climate.

Secondly, it increased my facial color. Actually there is a true fact that the nutrients of our body will reflect in our face. By the increase of protein in my body my face color linearly increased a shiny tone over the whiteness. This is formed only because of skin protein which is obtained form egg when I included that in my diet.

The more I included egg in my diet the more I felt advantageous. On an average I include at least 2 eggs per week in my diet.

It is beneficial and I felt advantageous with having it my diet.