A diet which helped me

A diet was beneficial for me in two things:

This is my first post in my blog regarding a health issue which I faced and leaded that and I am willing to tell a fact which I personally felt positive and advantageous. Firstly I like to quote that I am a vegetarian. I never ate any animal flesh until this time. In my religion (of my community) they follow vegetarianism. Finally after many years Egg was included as vegetarian in my country and it’s been projected through advertisements for its high protein content and many beneficial factors.

I was having hair fall earlier in my life but I didn’t had time to go and visit places and consult a hair specialists but rather I searched web and gathered what various people stated about hair fall. The basic necessity for hair fall control is to include proper high protein in our food. Basically non-vegetarians foods have plenty of protein but I being a vegetarian couldn’t wish to eat. I started eating eggs after some particular point of time. I felt 3 advantages:

As expected Hair fall gets reduced linearly and now I am happy to say that I have no hair fall. Proteins are necessary for hair density and strength.

When I started including egg in my diet. Firstly I felt the “hot balls” which are produced due to hot climate are neutralized by proteins which are present in the egg. These proteins act as neutralizing agents of unnecessary “hot balls” formed on the skin surface due to hot climate.

Secondly, it increased my facial color. Actually there is a true fact that the nutrients of our body will reflect in our face. By the increase of protein in my body my face color linearly increased a shiny tone over the whiteness. This is formed only because of skin protein which is obtained form egg when I included that in my diet.

The more I included egg in my diet the more I felt advantageous. On an average I include at least 2 eggs per week in my diet.

It is beneficial and I felt advantageous with having it my diet.