About me

About me?

I am a college student from southern part of India. I am doing my BE-ECE in VLB Janakiammal College of Engineering and Technology.

Initially I started a blog in blogspot.com and failed to grab the hearts of people.

What are my user statistics?

The tough question I need to answer. I started my blog in blogspot.com just three months ago for providing the most greatest quickest news from quickest website as fast as possible and people may visit my blog and write comments thereby I can provide an easy view to the Google search engine……..that is my story.

I started writing this blog on 09.06.2010. Guess my profile view statistics – just 16 views and I viewed it 15 times and begged one of my college mate to visit my blog once………………hahahaha! that’s funny isn’t it.

Actually the story about grabbing the hearts of people by blogging is a wrong concept which I was thinking before as TITLED in about me.

The purpose of creating this blog :

I now created this account to show only my views on a variety of miscellaneous information and particularly comments on various aspects.

I am so impressed with various blog sites but I particularly find word press impressive for the peak because of its interface. I can easily work with the user friendly environment and make visitors feel comfortable about this page.

One of my college mate impressed me with his blog Of course in wordpress.com with miscellaneous articles. Only by visiting his blog I learn t how to post a blog for a purpose.


Here after you will receive interesting ideas of me and of course my personal funny stories which will be proved to a delicious content in this blog and I will surely make this blog a worthy visit.

that’s all from me now… Comments are always invited.




3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like your blog. It is straightforward and uncluttered. You visited my blog today and I hope you will come back often. I am always trying to find out what works and what doesn’t so would you please answer one question for me? How did you find my blog and what encouraged you to look at it?

    • I was searching topics on “Computer” inside wordpress. I read ur Windows 7 is a cancer in my computer.
      I liked the way u said the things to public never mind what ever people feel…Geeks may solve ur problems in flash. But u were telling an article to the world which is worth a read and get info. I too wrote many articles in my blog and some have comments some didnt have. Don’t know what people may or might think but just sharing the idea to the public is a good thing…

  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I need to know what brings visitors to my blog so I can make the most use of what works. You are doing a good job with your blog. Keep it up. I am finding that using keywords in titles of your posts that will get attention is important. The ketword, computer, worked in yur case. Also using plenty of tags is good. Thanks again.

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