Back on Twitter

Due to lack of usage and features present in Twitter previously I quitted and shut-down my twitter account once and for all in early 2012.  Currently I am back in twitter for the reason of analysing features added to it lately which I found hashtag interesting. I was lucky in creating the twitter account profile with the same name which I was having previously and that was fortunate. Honestly speaking to all the people who are reading this post, I am currently in with certain busy personal stuffs, Will be very soon getting touch with all my subscriptions.

Have a wonderful New Year 2014 🙂


Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

The Window 8.1 was released and it gained much percentage of people to applaud for the improvements it done to Windows 8 OS. It is available in windows application store for 3.6GB ready download update or in some other site for the simple reason that, it might not be possible to switch on the computer to download the entire size in short time period.

The ISO disc image (Most likely) from external sites has the necessity of being having the Windows 8 serial key to continue the update of Windows.

For OEM versions of Windows Users, I being one among them didn’t have the product key by default, to solve this problem we need to download the freeware called

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder.

This software will fix the problem of finding the product key which can be used for the installation of Windows 8.1.

Have a great time installing. 🙂