Cartoon Channel

                In my childhood days. Until 1999, we were having black and white television at our home. At that point of time I was not watching cartoons shows since that channel won’t be coming on our cable TV due to the reason that the number of channels is just 30.

                My grand parents during those days were staying in a separate home at my father’s hometown. During that time, we will eventually visit their home when we have occasion. It was also an extra happiness that at their home it was colour TV present along with Cartoon Channel.

                My favorite cartoon show is Tom and Jerry and I knew each and every person in the world have heard about its popularity…:-)

                In India, there is one channel which was particularly popular “CARTOON NETWORK”.

Finally during the year of 2000 when I was doing my fourth standard, at my age of 9, my father bought a colour Television for our home. I started watching Cartoons happily at my home in that specific channel…:-)