A diet which helped me

A diet was beneficial for me in two things:

This is my first post in my blog regarding a health issue which I faced and leaded that and I am willing to tell a fact which I personally felt positive and advantageous. Firstly I like to quote that I am a vegetarian. I never ate any animal flesh until this time. In my religion (of my community) they follow vegetarianism. Finally after many years Egg was included as vegetarian in my country and it’s been projected through advertisements for its high protein content and many beneficial factors.

I was having hair fall earlier in my life but I didn’t had time to go and visit places and consult a hair specialists but rather I searched web and gathered what various people stated about hair fall. The basic necessity for hair fall control is to include proper high protein in our food. Basically non-vegetarians foods have plenty of protein but I being a vegetarian couldn’t wish to eat. I started eating eggs after some particular point of time. I felt 3 advantages:

As expected Hair fall gets reduced linearly and now I am happy to say that I have no hair fall. Proteins are necessary for hair density and strength.

When I started including egg in my diet. Firstly I felt the “hot balls” which are produced due to hot climate are neutralized by proteins which are present in the egg. These proteins act as neutralizing agents of unnecessary “hot balls” formed on the skin surface due to hot climate.

Secondly, it increased my facial color. Actually there is a true fact that the nutrients of our body will reflect in our face. By the increase of protein in my body my face color linearly increased a shiny tone over the whiteness. This is formed only because of skin protein which is obtained form egg when I included that in my diet.

The more I included egg in my diet the more I felt advantageous. On an average I include at least 2 eggs per week in my diet.

It is beneficial and I felt advantageous with having it my diet.


My first day of internet browsing:

It was a Sunday and I remember that and there is a point to note that I can use internet only when my dad is not present because he desired that he  have more pay large telephone bills since we were having dial up connection at that point of time.Here comes the story of the first day of my internet. I was sitting in-front of the PC aimless what shall I do with internet.

I was greatly interested in tweaking Windows XP with control panel,  and many other various settings. In many occasions there are many places where you can be dragged to a browser. When there was no internet installed in my home . Internet explorer will says “You are currently offline“. I analyzed that stuff in the internet in my first visit. And what I did was checking more themes online stuff if the Themes category of Windows XP. Sweet memories to remember. It was in the time period of January 2006.

The first website I visited for a purpose:

It was the first summer vacation holidays of my 9th Standard academic year completion. An I woke up little late  in the morning, freshened myself and settled with my computer to fulfill a stuff what my neighbour asked me to do a thing for my system.  At that point of time I was learning Internet stuffs from the person. He asked me to download “Download Accelerator” to my PC from the website..


The entire website is now changed as http://www.downloads.cnet.com.

I visited the site. I found internet convenient to use and i was gradually gaining confidence,. nothing seems to be weird since everything is just the same GUI. Wow that’s great I said to myself when the website loaded.

I was amazed to see the word “Games“. . .I was questioning myself do games here in internet for downloadable and free.??
Then i clicked the tab inside the site.

I could see a list of fields and showing all the details for the game list such as OS, license, file-size , etc..
I just clicked a category as “Arcade” game, chosen the first game in the list to download and fulfilled steps to download game. I downloaded the game in my PC which is the first game I downloaded form the internet. I was initiating the game and   surprised to  knew free game are available in internet Wow, I said to myself and this is the screen short of the first game which I downloaded  form the internet.

"Arcade Gamer Pack"

“Arcade Gamer Pack”

My favorite PC game

The passion for this game started when I was a budding computer user in 2006. I was interested in tweaking the different components of a software tool. Starting from control panel, Windows Media player equalizer, etc. At that time period I was having some arcade game given by one of my friends of my dad.

There are plenty of clones for this game in the internet and one of the most popular clones in the internet was DXBALL. Most of the readers by now knew about this famous clone of the game I guess. Yes, Arcanoid is my favorite game with PC. When I started the program and start playing the game for the first time, I found the mouse sensitivity for the game to be too high as I was a budding mouse control expert too; I couldn’t control the mouse easily. Then after plenty of attempts and good practice it helped me with not only mouse control but also mind reflexes. Do you agree that it’s a mind game yes I do agree. We need to judge wisely to protect the ball.

In DXBALL, the different components used in the game such as music, sound effects, are present in the particular name of the components used in the game such as for ball bounce, Ball hit, etc and I was interested in editing the sound effects which are in the format of .WAV. They can be edited using sound recorder and also why not I can replace with Pinball sound effects too. I did those kind of stuffs..

In the year 2007, I came across a website called


This site was a famous small game website where one can download plenty of arcade games from it. Most of the games are small. Even today I found the particular website to be identical with the same web interface what I have seen in the time period of 2007, January.

In that website there are as many as 83 arcanoid games available free to download. At that point of time I aw using dial up connection so I could download only 4 to 6 KBs per second. And on the other hand I must use the internet when my dad is not present.

In this case I mostly download games only in the file size up to 8GB. I enjoyed most of the arcanoid games in the site.

I enjoyed a trial version of a sensationally programmed arcanoid game in the same year using a trick and the game is “Ricochet Extreme”. The trial version of the game can be run only for 2 hours in the calculated time time period of how much minutes the game has been used.

I used a particular trick for that 2 hours restriction. The trick is Firstly when I install the game. I will set a system restore point in the system with a particular name. When two hours finishes, I will go to safe mode and I will make my computer to land at the restore point which I set when I installed the game. And when I initiate the game again in my windows start up Two hours recharged again. Thus my most favourite PC game made me do many enthusiastic things with my PC.


Arcanoid(Arcade version)

TV Videogames of childhood

Before I like to say something about this post I like to say that I am not a gamer with PC. Some of you might have predicted that while reading the title itself that I am have not written GTA 4 or Need for Speed.. 🙂

Here is my story. I enjoy video game in my childhood days very much. My favorite among them includes Contra, Double Dragon and the list moves on. I like games under all kinds of genre at that point of time. 🙂

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My PC was bought in the year 2004. And I am happy to say that since I consider video-game as best gaming electronics I didn’t used my computer to play games. 🙂

Now, It  helped me much. Actually many of my friends who had enjoyment in video-games gets easily addicted to most popular PC games like Need For Speed,Grand Theft Auto and whatever they say.

I firstly didn’t considered computer as a gaming device which helped me much in using it for many beneficial moves. .:-)

My computer configuration is 8 years old:

Intel Pentium 4 Processor,256MB RAM,40GB Hard Disk Drive and running Windows XP.

Now, I don’t say that my low configuration PC will not support that huge games which I specified before but I am not interested in gaming even when my PC is upgraded.

I don’t say that I will not play games in computer but my favorite is Arcanoid games for excising mind reflexes..:-) I will discuss about that.. 🙂

But look at the advantage it bought me. I am happy using my age old computer for many beneficial purposes… 🙂

Interest Boost

Its so simple to explain my recent increased interest in making time for blogging.
I recently watched the film “The Social Network”. Definitely my most favorite drama film I ever watched in English. And it also comes under my favorite film in-terms of biography of a person.

Jesse Eisenberg with the role of Mark Zuckerberg does many things with computer. His role made my interest with blogging increased much more. 🙂

Nowadays I am making time to go with my interest in blogging.

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So simple to explain.. 🙂

For controlling electronic waste

In our present world of electronics. Today’s technology is tomorrow’s dust. For the past decade there has been a huge development in the field of cell phones. Starting from Camera, Radio, Infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. But were thus the people reuse the mobile when a mobile has been abandoned. A report says that only 10% of the mobile phones are reused to the second hand. I recently done a small idea with one of my old mobile phone which for time being purpose for e-waste control. I presently have a Nokia phone with decent features of music player and camera. I also have a Basic mobile set of LG which is helpful only for messaging and simple data transfer such as bmp files of 128*128 which can be used as its wallpaper for mobile via messaging. This is one of the abandoned mobile which is present in my home because it goes to sale just for 300 rupees which is approximately $6(U.S) today(Date I am writing this blog post-(18.05.2012)). The basic mobile set of L.G was bought by my dad in the year 2007 for about 2500 rupees which is $50(U.S) Selling a mobile phone to approximately 10% is the only way but the battery was in perfect condition and more than many things, This mobile phone “doesn’t hang”. So, I simply planted a small idea to recycle the phone by using it at the time period of when we need less features for mobile for the particular period of time. For the past twenty days I was trying only this. I was having study leave for semester exams and I was only at home for most days. So there is no need for mobile camera since digital camera is the substitute for that in my home. For this reason I replaced the SIMCard of my Nokia phone to the basic mobile set where there is a need only for messaging and I was happy using it :-). I actually love using this mobile as I took initiative to control e waste to some extent. Then what I did with the Nokia phone? you may ask. I used it as a portable multimedia device for watching videos. After the end of the study leave I replaced the SIMCard in my Nokia phone  and I will wait for another time like this. It might sound silly for some people but I made it to make a useful thing out of abandoned things. 🙂

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Startup Optimizer wise for slow PCs

Before I start the contents of the post I like to quote a word by saying that.
There are still slow computers at home in some parts of the world and I am one among the user.
To describe about the fastest state that a computer can act with a particular OS is the state of no software installed in it.
Take my computer as example. I was initially having RAM memory of 128MB(DDR1),At present 256MB(DDR1). What a great difference?? :-). Both of them are considers as world’s ancient piece of junks today. I use Windows XP Service pack 2.

When I was with my 128MB RAM PC, large programs initiate very slowly.And at that point of time. For optimising the speed of PCs, soft-wares such as SpeedItUp  and WinOptimizer were famous. I like to state a factor which I found on my PC when using those two software. As I stated before a computer is fastest when there is no software installed in it. When SpeedItUp  up or WinOptimizer are used, the task of the software is to free RAM space. So, at the very second when we ask it, It frees much amount of the RAM Space, 60% to be approximately specific when I was running Windows XP in 128MB RAM at that point of time. So in this case these two software(considering individually) make a permanent allotment reduction to some windows applications memory. So despite even before installing many software in the system the computer can be made slow by installing this small application and asking to free RAM memory.

Computer must have a decent fast startup and refreshment speed when switched on, So to there is a smart alternative to overcome this problem. Which is using the software Startup Optimiser. It is free tweak utility for Windows available for all Windows operating system starting from XP.

This software clearly displays the different processes which are carried out when the user is logged in. By minimising the tasks in process which are allowed to be initiated, we make a computer to run with decent speed with windows default memory allotments.


Tech Post: Nokia 5130 xpressmusic funny video clip

This is a funny video featuring about my phone Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic. I just came around after the phone is been flashed and suddenly when I looked into it I noticed a peculiar thing happened. So it turned out to be my chance to take video using my Digital Camera..:-).

This is an unusual video of how a mobile phone shows “charging animation ” when there is no power connection…:-)