It is been one year with my blog from my first post

Yesterday marks one year since I started this blog, so I decided to take a minute and reflect on what I’ve learned in the past one year.  I have posted things  since I started, which I find amazing.  Quite a few people read what I write, which I find even more amazing.  And some even share what I write with their friends, which I find unspeakably amazing.   🙂

Celebrating One Year

Celebrating One Year

Writing has become an important part of my life:

I dont use diary but I love blogging. I look forward to the time I set aside to sit and write down my thoughts. This is really different. Actually when thoughts came in our mind, we must save it. The thoughts which I feel enthusiastic to share.  It’s more like emptying the contents of my brain onto paper.  That’s part of this process, but now I have to make sure it makes sense.  And that’s important always.(for you and for me.) 🙂

I also like the comments I had in my blog from various people and I will always value them to my best means of everything.

I like to thank everybody for supporting me and I hope I will continue my work for the best means of things. 🙂


The story behind the first subject I flunked in school

It was in the year 2002 when I was doing my Sixth standard.

Flunking in subjects may occur when:

  • We didn’t have any brush up with our studies or
  • Didn’t prepare for exam entirely.

I had the first reason for the subject, I flunked.

The subject for the first reason is: History

It is always a happy moment for everybody to share to others about the stories of the past to various people, this is the normal nature of a human being if you are such a kind of person congrats you are mentally normal. 🙂

The exam in which I flunked is called as Mid-term examination. Every academic year in my school consists of 3 terms and for each term there are two exams.

After a day of an exam, It was a festive day in my school and we had an announcement that tomorrow’s exam will be postponed on Monday. I thought that the exams were moved one by one to the next day.

I wont speak much about studies in schooling. Actually, schooling is an age where we must gain lots of friends and make unforgettable memories. The friends whom you have at school and college were the most comfortable friends to whom you can share anything very well, No friends will be as more than them in the field of being comfort in speech. Mostly we boys at that age talk about video games. 🙂

On the morning of the day of History exam, the previous day I prepared for Hindi exam. I always go to school with my buddy; his name is Nagarjun with whom I will come to school via auto-rickshaw. On that day morning Nagarjun’s mom dialed my home and asked about information about something from my Mom. Then the following conversation was held.. 🙂

Nagarjun’s Mom:  So, how your son prepared for today’s history exam.

My Mom: History exam? But it is Hindi exam today.

I was shocked after I heard that from my Mom.

Then I started crying. J It is so common for a 10 year old boy to cry for these sudden panic surprises. 🙂 🙂

Then I dialed to another of my buddy to confirm that whether it is true or not. I heard the sound of the breaking glass when I knew that it was true. “Tisheeeeeeee”  🙂

The second friend whom I dialed will reach school very soon before me. His name is Ajeesh. He said the news to everybody of my friends. All my freinds in class said, cool down give it a try.  I then wrote the exam, Finally at the result I secured 16.5/50. FAILED!!

The Result

The Result

This was my first exam I wrote which finally resulted in failure.

And presently a happy moment of past which I shared with you now.  🙂

New Facebook Trend

I created my facebook account exactly about an year ago. But actually I started using it very well only after my birthday this year on January 27. Until that day I was having just  38 friends to the time extend of 6 months of my facebook usage. Because I haven’t filled any details in facebook till that date. “name”,”college”,”school”. “nothing more than that” I will use internet blogging ,emailing, , etc but started using facebook very well only after my birthday. After I created my facebook account, I must actually say that I created my facebook account but I found lazy to use it, Not that I don’t have friends but felt less thrill and entertaining at initial usage. I visited once in 5 weeks for first three times 🙂 unbelievable but that is the truth 🙂 and at the time period of December 2010 I started visiting once in two weeks. 🙂 Started increasing 🙂

New Trend in Facebook

New Trend in Facebook

Since before I got filling the different details in facebook, I had one of my school junior as friend in facebook. I actually had one of my school junior very well close with messaging in mobile. I was new to social networking, actually initially I  thought “Brother” in facebook as what we call a person who is not even in family, universal word .(i.e.,)
I knew that it was family request only after my birthday. 🙂

The friend whom I gave brother request had no brothers or sisters, So He just accepted it. We actually speak plenty of things in messaging but not these things.  And, I was the first and only family person of him at that date. 🙂

After that, He developed his account with people who don’t have own brothers or sisters from his profile friends, He started giving family requests to those people as considering as brothers and sisters of his family. 🙂

Having an own brother or sister is always a great blessing. If not like this it must be initiated like this.

It might be a small family request, but this can be taken as such a kind of blessing.

So it turned to be new trend in facebook,  🙂

He became brother for those people who don’t have any brother or sister. After that I had my own sister in facebook. So I quit his family request.

WE both initiated a new trend. 🙂

Have u initiated any trend in facebook till date?? 🙂 🙂